PXIe Hangs in Systems Containing NI HDD-8263 or HDD-8264

Updated Jul 30, 2018

Reported In


  • HDD-8263
  • HDD-8264
  • PXIe-8101
  • PXIe-8102
  • PXIe-8108

Issue Details

When plugging a HDD-8263 or HDD-8264 into a PXIe chassis containing a PXIe-8101, 8102, or 8108 controllers, the system hangs after the 8263 option ROM loads.


This problem has been traced to the system limits put on the EBDA (Extended BIOS Data Area) by AMI. There are two options to get around these limits.
  • Option 1: Disable SCSI Drive Boot in the BIOS Setup through the Boot menu. This allows booting from the onboard SATA drive and use of the RAID array in Windows.
  • Option 2: Disable the SATA Controller in BIOS Setup»Advanced»SATA Configuration menu. This allows booting from the RAID array if you really need that, but no access to the onboard SATA drive.


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