Can't Open LabVIEW Examples From LabVIEW Example Finder

Updated Jun 28, 2018

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  • LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW Full

Issue Details

I can't open my examples from the example finder. When I open the example finder and click on a specific example, LabVIEW shows an error that states the following:

That file could not be found or opened. You may need to re - install your examples

How do I find and open these examples from the example finder?


This error will likely occur when the examples have been removed or relocated to a file that LabVIEW does not check. You will need to either reinstall the driver that installed the specific examples, or uninstall example support for your version of LabVIEW and reinstall that support immediately after (uninstalling and reinstalling support takes less time).

  1. Open Control Panel >> Programs and Features >> National Instruments >> Your Driver
  2. Click Change or Modify Programs. Open drop down for your example support
  3. Uninstall support, execute
  4. Reinstall support, restart computer
  5. Profit