Error: No Corresponding Subproperty in Argument Error Using TestStand

Updated May 8, 2023

Reported In


  • TestStand

Issue Details

I am using a LabVIEW VI inside my TestStand sequence, which uses a cluster to pass data to and from it. I have declared this cluster as a Custom Data Type. However, after making my Custom Data Type, and selecting it in the TestStand's LabVIEW Adapter configuration, I get an Evaluation Error:

"No Corresponding Subproperty in Argument.
This value will cause a run-time error."


  1. Navigate to your Custom Data Type. You can access the Custom Data Types under View > Types (Ctrl + T).
  2. Double click the Custom Data Type you wish to use with your LabVIEW VI's cluster. This will bring up the Properties for the Custom Data Type.
  3. Select the Cluster Passing tab that corresponds to the adapter you are using (LabVIEW).
  4. Make sure all the Properties are correctly mapped to the Cluster Item Label field (their Label in the LabVIEW's cluster).
  5. Look for typos, additional spaces, or characters that can make the parsing unsuccessful.
  6. When bringing in an array of clusters containing enums from LabVIEW, set the fileglobal type in the sequence panel to array of>>type>>enum cluster.

Additional Information

This error shows up when TestStand cannot link correctly one or more cluster elements to the corresponding Custom Data Type field. Some reasons for this to show up include:

  • Changing the name of a Custom Data Type's element.
  • Changing the Label of one of the LabVIEW Cluster's elements.
  • Adding or removing elements from a LabVIEW cluster.
  • Having an incorrect data type assigned to the Custom Data Type's element that corresponds to the cluster.