How Do I Access My IO On My Industrial Controller On The FPGA?

Updated Jun 13, 2018

Issue Details

I am starting a project with an IC 317x Windows/Real-Time controller and do not know how to access the I/O on the FPGA.  How do I access the I/O within the code?


In order to add the IO to your project to access them in code, you will first have to add the FPGA target to your project.  If you are using a Real-Time controller, you will first have to add the Real-Time target to your project.  Once you have the target that has the FPGA, simply right click on it and select New > Targets And Devices and add an FPGA target.
From there, right click on the FPGA Target and select New > FPGA I/O and you will have a window pop up to select which I/O to add.


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