Export a DIAdem Report to an Image in PNG Format with Transparency by Scripting

Updated Jul 26, 2018

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  • DIAdem

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I would like to know how to export a DIAdem Report to an image in PNG format with transparency by Scripting.


Although there is not a specific function/method in DIAdem Scripting, there are a couple of workarounds:
  1. Load a template into the DIAdem configuration.
    To do this, click on Settings >> Diadem Settings >> REPORT >> Report Layout >> Template (add template .tdr). Previously, you can create this template from REPORT and saving it.
  2. Export the Report to Clipboard, the function is called: Call Report.ActiveSheet.ExportToClipboard ().
    Here is the Help information for the function: Method: ExportToClipboard for Sheet

Additional Information

A couple of function that export Report to a PNG (no transparency in their arguments)


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