Update Rate Mismatch Between Plot and Block Diagram

Updated Jun 13, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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I have a Waveform Graph/Chart in a While Loop for displaying the data acquired, but I see that its plot update rate is slower than the acquisition frequency I set: am I missing data?


As indicated here, the user interface (UI) is separated from the execution of the block diagram so it is no mandatory that every data value gets displayed on the front panel.

If you wish to synchronize the Waveform Graph/Chart indicator with the  block diagram you can enable the Synchronous Display option; you can do it by following this steps:
  1. Right click on your Waveform Graph/Chart indicator
  2. Select Advanced -> Synchronous Display
If synchronous display is enabled, the block diagram stops executing until the front panel indicator is updated, therefore the will be no overwrite of data for an indicator with a new value before the first has been displayed. 



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