How is Data Organized in DIAdem?

Updated Apr 3, 2024

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  • DIAdem

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I have data files that I would like to use in DIAdem.  How does DIAdem organize data?


DIAdem loads data in Technical Data Management (TDM) format. This binary file format has a hierarchical data structure that consists of a single Data Set (File) which contain n Channel Groups, each of which contains n Channels. At each level of the hierarchy, the file can store an unlimited number of custom scalar properties. These properties make parametrically searching multiple data files possible, as explained in the Mining External Data section of the DIAdem Help. You can learn more about the TDM file format in the NI TDMS File Format document.

If you would like to load your data into DIAdem, but it is not in TDMS format, you can use a DIAdem DataPlugin to convert files of any type for use in DIAdem. You can learn more about DataPlugins here.