Package Names Needed for Automating NI Software Activation

Updated Jun 15, 2018

Issue Details

I need to silently activate components on my system using the command here. How do I get a list of Packages names/versions and family items to know what to activate? 


This will depend on what the serial number is valid for. Once a NI software is installed, it creates a license file.

Then you can find the package name for the exact software in the license file of each software located in the directory listed below 
  • Windows 7/10:  C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\LicenseManager\Licenses  
    • The ProgramData folder was hidden by default 
The license files have .lc extensions that you can open with the Notepad or any text editor.  

Look for the PACKAGE line. Copy the text that includes _PKG and the version number that follows nilm on the PACKAGE line.  

For example, to activate Multisim Education version:  
  • The file is:  
    • Inside you will see a line like this: "PACKAGE Multisim_Edu_PKG nilm 14.0001 COMPONENTS="Multisim_Core Multisim ..."  
    • The package name for the activation of that software is: Multisim_Edu_PKG 14.0001