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Updating Single Signal Inside Frame Using XNET J1939 Standard

Updated Jun 15, 2018

Reported In


  • USB-8502

Issue Details

I am using the XNET shipping examples in LabVIEW for my NI 8502 device. For the J1939 standard and Signal Single-Point Session, can a single 'signal' inside a frame be changed/updated without having to update all the other signals inside the frame? 


There are two ways of implementing this
  • Read all the signals in the frame and use Index Array function to pull out the appropriate signal to modify
  • Search for the signal and replace the array subset shown in the picture below. This is modified from the CAN Signal Output Single shipping example
    • Use the Search Array function to search for the particular signal index
    • Use the index as the input for the Replace Array Subset function to write the new element or subarray to it


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