Does NI Have a Ribbon Cable to Connect Signals to the CB-2162

Updated Jun 13, 2018

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  • CB-2162
  • HSDIO Custom Cable
  • High Speed Cable

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In the CB-2162 User Guide, there is a ribbon cable mentioned on page 8 for connecting signals to the board:
Does NI have one of these ribbon cables available for purchase?  If not, what type of connection should I use?


National Instruments does not have a 32 pin ribbon cable for purchase, but recommends the following for custom connections to the CB-2162:

The 2x16 headers on the board have standard .1" spacing allowing many different types of connectors to be used.  If the distance is large from the signal source to the CB-2162, twisted pairs should be used for the channels.  Twisted pair header jumpers are available from National Instruments.


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