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FLEXnet Error: User/Host Not on the Include List for Feature

Updated Jul 30, 2023

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

I am distributing NI software licenses using FlexLM. When a user tries to check out a new license of software, they receive this message:

User/host not on the INCLUDE list for feature.


This is usually due to the user or computer has not been assigned a license on the Options File.

To assign a license open the options file and add the user's user name to the INCLUDE list. Use the INCLUDE keyword and specify the <type> input to USER_GROUP or HOST_GROUP to assign licenses to a group of users or hosts. For example:



INCLUDE SoftwareSolutions_SS_PKG HOST_GROUP MyHostGroup2 

Moreover, changing seat type to a concurrent unmanaged license will not require having the user/computer added to the options file. If you would like to pursue this option, you may contact to make to desire changes. Keep in mind that charges may apply for this option.

Additional Information

In order for a user to access a license software seat, they must be present in the INCLUDE list within the FlexLM license file.