Incorrect Username or Password When Adding a New Remote Device in NI MAX

Updated Dec 28, 2022

Issue Details

When I attempt to add a new network device to NI MAX, that is not on the local subnet, I am prompted for login credentials. Entering the correct username and password generates an "Incorrect username or password. Please try again." message prompt. I am able to log in to the remote target with the web configuration utility, and from NI MAX on a different computer. 


This issue could be due to the network using a proxy server for HTTP requests. An Environment Variable "HTTP_PROXY" is set on the PC, that directs HTTP requests to the server defined in the variable. You can delete the variable and see if it resolves the issue.

Follow these steps to delete the Environment Variable:
  1. Open the Window Control Control Panel
    1. Navigate to System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Environment Variables.
    2. In the User Variables, find and delete the HTTP_PROXY variable.
  1. Re-launch NI MAX and add the target.