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Edit TestStand Code Modules During Execution

Updated Feb 7, 2024



  • TestStand

I am developing a TestStand sequence and would like to edit my LabVIEW modules during TestStand execution. How can I do this without stopping execution and using the Edit VI button in the Step Settings or Unload All Modules from the File menu?

You can modify the Run Options under the Properties tab in the Step Settings pane for each step of interest to allow you to edit modules at run-time.
  1. Set the Load Option to Load Dynamically.
  2. Change Unload Option to Unload After Step Executes

Additional Information

After you have modified the Load Option and Unload Option, you can put breakpoints in the main sequence. When you run the sequence, all the modules except the one that is currently executing can be modified during run-time. This is because the load options for the step now only keep the module in memory for the execution of the calling step.