Error -20023 InsightCM™ Using Single Integration Cutoff

Updated Jun 7, 2018

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  • NI InsightCM

Issue Details

I am able to set up my CMS device to communicate with the InsightCM™ server without issue with the default settings.  However after I make changes to the CMS device settings for Single Integration Cutoff for velocity, things seem to go well until the Configuration Status shows Invalid Configuration.  When I check the log file for my CMS (cRIO) I see many repetitions of the following ERROR: Code:-20023


Make sure that the value supplied to Single Integration Cutoff is greater than zero.  If you want to integrate over the complete range of frequencies, set your Single Integration Cutoff value to 0.1.

If this does not resolve your issue, look through the other information provided in Troubleshooting Error Values for Integrated Features.

Additional Information

Single Integration Cutoff cannot be set to zero, because to account for integration settling time, NI InsightCM™ Server discards the first n seconds of the integrated time-domain data before calculating features from it, where the following equation determines the value of n:
n = (1 / Integration Cutoff) * x

Integration Cutoff is the value supplied for Single Integration Cutoff
x is equal to 3 for single integration and 10 for double integration.


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