Suited Installer Error: A File, Directory, or Other Data Could Not Be Found

Updated Jun 7, 2018

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager
  • Software Platform Bundle
  • Developer Suite

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

I am receiving an error with the message A file, directory, or other data could not be found when running a Suited Installer like the Developer Suite or Software Platform Bundle, or with a Volume License Installer.


Suited Installer

This error is likely to be consequence of deleting one or more folders in the Distributions folder of the Developer Suite, Software Platform Bundle or other Suited Installer. If any of the products with missing folders is selected to be installed, the error will appear when the suited installer attempts to install the product. If the product that returns the error is not required, this error can be ignored by clicking OK and the Suited installer can continue installing the remaining software components for which the Distributions folders are present.

Contact National Instruments Support to verify if your Suited Installer is missing any folders.

Volume License Installer

This is a known issue on Windows XP only running a Volume License Installer created from a Developer Suite. If you experience this problem in later versions of Windows, please contact National Instruments Support to report and troubleshoot the issue.

To resolve this issue in Windows XP:
  1. Navigate to the _Src directory from you Volume License Installer root directory.
  2. Open the DVD1 directory.  It will named something like 2013DS2DVD1_ENG, depending on which version of Developer Suite and which language your volume license installer was created with.
  3. Open nisuite.xml.
  4. Remove or comment out the following lines:
<distribution engineVersion="450">LV_DSC</distribution>

  1. Save nisuite.xml
  2. Run your installer.


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