How Do I Set the Module Programming Modes On My CompactRIO?

Updated Jun 19, 2019

Reported In


  • cRIO-9041
  • cRIO-9042
  • cRIO-9043
  • cRIO-9045
  • cRIO-9046
  • cRIO-9047
  • cRIO-9048
  • cRIO-9049
  • cRIO-9040
  • cRIO-9053
  • cRIO-9054
  • cRIO-9056
  • cRIO-9057


  • NI CompactRIO 17.6

Issue Details

  1. I'm trying to deploy systems for the CompactRIO with DAQmx (cRIO-904x and cRIO-905x), but the Replication and Deployment (RAD) utility does not set the Module Programming Modes for the new chassis. Can I set them programmatically?
  2. I just upgraded from an older cRIO to a cRIO-9048. After adding the new cRIO and all the new C-Series Modules and editing all the names and adding all the files to the new target and adding the Ethercat devices, I finally tried compiling and running the project on the cRIO. 

    Error 65673 occurred at an unidentified location
    Possible reason(s):
    The slot is not configured to the correct program mode. Ensure the slot is configured to run in LabVIEW FPGA.

    This error is shown in the following dialog box:

    However, the FPGA code crashed with Error 65673 because the C-Series Modules in the chassis were not configured to FPGA mode.


The NI-DAQmx device driver support for the CompactRIO controllers includes properties that allow to programmatically read and set the Module Programming Modes for slots. To interact with these properties, it is also needed to install the NI System Configuration.

Attached to this document is a small program. It contains VIs to get and set the Module Property Mode (Get Programming and Set Programming, as well as a higher-level VI to save Module Programming Modes to a file and retrieve them from that same file at a later date.

Additional Information

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