PCIe-1427 Bit Depth and Tap Configuration Requirements

Updated Nov 30, 2023

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  • PCIe-1427



Issue Details

I am working with an NI PCIe-1427 Base CameraLink frame grabber and regardless of if I am acquiring from my physical camera or from the test image generator, I get the below errors for certain tap and bit-depth combinations.  What are the valid combinations of taps and bit depth for the PCIe-1427?


The PCIe-1427 only supports CameraLink Base configuration.  As such, below are the only possible tap and bit depth combinations:
Number of TapsBit Depth
18, 10, 12, 14, 16, 24 (RGB)
28, 10, 12

The PCIe-1427 Manual provides the valid configurations for taps and bit depth, but its listing of 8-bit 3 tap is incorrect.

Additional Information

If you require combinations beyond what is offered by the PCIe-1427, you will need to look at other CameraLink frame grabbers that are able to do configurations beyond CameraLink Base such as the PCI-1428 or the PCIe-1433.

Using the NI Test Image camera file will not always provide the correct tap and bit-depth combinations, because the drop-down fields in NI MAX for tap configuration and bit-depth do not filter dynamically.