How Can I Ground My Cable Shield Using A TB-4330?

Updated Jun 6, 2018

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  • TB-4330
  • PXIe-4331
  • PXIe-4330

Issue Details

I have a TB-4330, mounted on my PXIe-4330/4331 card. I want to install a shield around my sensor cable to protect it from electro-magnetic interference but am unsure how I can ground the shielding. How do I correctly ground my cable shield?


To ground you cable shield use the grounding lugs on the terminal block, shown below.

Additional Information

By wiring your shield to the ground lugs of the terminal block you are ensuring your shield is wired directly into the instrument ground. Please ensure you only ground the shield on one end to avoid ground loops that may damage your sensor and induce interference to your measurement.

For grounding of the shield, avoid using the channel AIGround as this is connected to the ADC in the PXIe card. Doing so risks damage to the card and inducing interference to your measurement. The AIGround is meant to be used for grounding of your measurement cables. For more information on correct grounding practises please see theĀ Field Wiring and Noise Considerations for Analog Signals


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