Can I Output a Marker Event To The PXI Trigger Line and PFI Line?

Updated Jun 9, 2018

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  • PXIe-5451
  • PXIe-5450

Issue Details

I have an application that generates an arbitrary waveform signal using PXIe 5451. I created a Marker event in order to output to the PFI 0 line. 
Can I output a single Marker event to the PXI trigger line and PFI line?


The answer is Yes. 
In order to export the Marker event, use the function niFgen Export Signal VI in LabVIEW and niFgen_ExportSignal in  LabWindows™/CVI™.
When exporting Markers, you must specify the signal identifier for the Marker.

In LabVIEW the function will look like this: 

In LabWindows™/CVI™ it will look like this: 
niFgen_ExportSignal (vi, NIFGEN_VAL_MARKER_EVENT, "Marker0", "PXI_Trig0");



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