Silently Install NI Software with NI Package Manager

Updated Jun 6, 2019

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I would like to silently install NI software, but I don't know how to create offline packages that NI Package Manager can install silently. 


A computer (Online PC) that is connected to the internet with NI Package Manager and the desired software for the silent install is required to create the silent installer.
The computers (Target PC) that you want to silently install NI software on to must have NI Package Manager installed. NI Package Manager can be installed silently using the steps here.

Download Package

  1. Open package manager
  1. Download the package onto a PC with internet connection using package manager.
  1. Wait until the install is finished.

Download Package Files

  1.  Open up command prompt with admin rights.
  1. Type the following command to change directory and press enter:
cd C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI Package Manager 
  1. Type the following command to open the command line interface for NI package manager and press enter:
  1. Increase the number of lines your command prompt can show by right clicking the top of the command prompt and clicking properties.
  1. Under the "layout" tab change screen buffer size to 9999
  1. Click Ok to exit properties
  2. Type the following command to list all the packages available and press enter:
nipkg.exe list
  1. Find the command line name of the package you just installed (right click and find). For this example the package name is ni-labview-nxg-2.0.0
A good way to find the package name is to search for the description of the package as seen in NI package manager, pull out two or more words from it: 

  1. Use the Package name (in this case ni-labview-nxg-2.0.0) to download the package manager file: 
nipkg.exe download --all-deps --destination-dir="C:\feeds\<Your Folder Name>" <package name>
nipkg.exe download --all-deps --destination-dir="C:\feeds\NXG2" ni-labview-nxg-2.0.0
  1. Avoid using file names with spaces or symbols. Above "NXG2" is used.
  2. Locate this file on your PC. If successfully installed, it should have NIPKG files inside.

Prepare Files For Target PC

  1. Copy the file onto a server or USB disc for installing on an offline device.
  1. Open the computer that your require a silent offline install.
  2. Copy the NXG2 (or package folder) onto the PC from the USB.
  3. Make sure package manager is installed. To silently install NI Package manager see additional information.
  4. Create a bat file with the following commands. To make a bat file see additional information:
cd C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI Package Manager 
nipkg.exe feed-create "file path of NXG2 folder" 
nipkg.exe feed-add --name= feedname "file path of NXG2 folder"
nipkg.exe install -y --accept-eulas [Package name]
Make sure to create a small feed name with no symbols or spaces. In this case NXG2feed is used.

Make sure to change "file path of NXG2 folder" to the file destination of the NXG2 folder. In this case the NXG folder was put onto the desktop. "C:\Users\AEcomputer\Desktop\NXG2"

This destination can be a directory to an internal server with the file on it if preferred. 

cd C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI Package Manager 
nipkg.exe feed-create "C:\Users\AEcomputer\Desktop\NXG2"
nipkg.exe feed-add --name= NXG2feed "C:\Users\AEcomputer\Desktop\NXG2"
nipkg.exe install -y --accept-eulas [Package name]ni-labview-nxg-2.0.0 
  1. Run the bat file to install the package silently and offline.


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