Can My Real-Time Target Access Files in the Host Machine?

Updated Jul 5, 2018

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  • CompactRIO Controller

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I am developing an application that uses both a real-time target and a host machine. I want to program the RT target to perform File I/O remotely, on a file located in the host computer. Can this be done?


No, the real-time target can only access the files present in its own local drive. It does not have access to the files located in a remote computer. If you need to read or write values using the real-time target, you can either:

  • Deploy the files to the RT target and do the File I/O there. 
  • Have the host machine do the File I/O itself and transfer the data from and to the RT target via network.
The latter is the best option, considering that the File I/O process is non-deterministic and it shouldn't be implemented inside a timed loop.


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