Can I Use a Different cDAQ Chassis to Calibrate C Series Module?

Updated Oct 29, 2018

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  • CompactDAQ Chassis

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The calibration manual for my cDAQ module recommends that I use the slot eight of a particular eight slot cDAQ chassis. I only have a two or four slot chassis. Will I get acceptable results with if a chassis other than the recommended one?


This is not the supported configuration NI recommends and is not the methodology NI used when writing the calibration procedure.

However, If you are going to use a different chassis, use the farthest slot from the controller.

National Instruments recommends the eighth slot of an eight slot chassis because that slot is as far as possible from the controller and is therefore least susceptible to thermal interference from the controller.

Another consideration is that the method and hardware recommended in the calibration guide is the exact hardware that National Instruments uses to calibrate devices. Using the recommended hardware ensures results that will be as close as possible to National Instrument's standards.

Additional Information

The recommended chassis is the only chassis that has been tested and approved to ensure that the heat profile will not cause performance issues when calibrating the device. It is for this reason that only the chassis called out in the manual is recommended to calibrate a C Series Module.


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