NI 9263/9264 Devices Don't Go Over 1.5 Volts

Updated Jun 15, 2018

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  • NI-9263
  • NI-9264

Issue Details

My NI 9263/9264 is set to output 10 V but it is only outputting 1.5 V. I measure a very low voltage when outputting from my 9263/9264 analog output modules. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?


This is expected behavior, because both the NI USB-9263 and the NI 9263/9264 C Series modules are specified to have 2 Ω output impedance. If the external devices attached to these cards have a very low internal resistance, the module will not output the expected 10 V. This is done intentionally to keep the card safe from over voltage.

Learn more about the Output Impedance specification here: Specifications Explained: NI Multifunction I/O (MIO) DAQ.

Additional Information

Given the maximum current drive capability of the 9263 (1mA per channel). The minimum external resistance that is needed to generate 10 V is 10 kΩ. Therefore when the external device contains less than 10 kΩ of resistance the card will not output it's maximum voltage.


In the instances where the external device contains less than 10 kΩ and 10 V is required, it is possible to make an external circuit of resistors to make up for the resistance requirements. However this is not an intended work around as the card is still susceptible to over voltages which could damage the card.


Another option is to use the NI 9269 C Series module. Because the 9269 has a smaller output impedance the threshold at which it will produce 10 V should be covered by every external device.


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