How Can I Import Data Being Read in LabVIEW into VeriStand

Updated Jun 26, 2018

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I have a device that can't be read into the PharLap RT controller. I will have to use another computer to take those sensor readings. How can I take that data being read into LabVIEW and transfer it to VeriStand so that I can display both my RT data and my windows data all together?


There are a couple different ways to accomplish this. 

If you want to continue using a VeriStand UI:

Create a VeriStand Model running on the RT. This model will simply be a shell and will only receive data from the outside. Then create a stand alone VI project to read the data and post the data to the model using "NI VeriStand - Set Parameter" as the core. 

If you don't need to keep using VeriStand UI:

You can use LabVIEW to build a UI that would control the VeriStand project via the built in API available. This option allows you to display all values from your hardware running on the Real-Time Target as well as the values from your windows sensor all in a single LabVIEW application. 

Additional Information

An example of controlling a VeriStand project via LabVIEW can be found below.

Using the NI VeriStand .NET API in LabVIEW to Control a VeriStand System 


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