Run Script File in DIAdem Base Edition

Updated Dec 7, 2023

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  • DIAdem

Issue Details

  • I would like to run a script file in DIAdem Base edition, but the SCRIPT icon is grayed out.
  • How can I run scripts created in a DIAdem Advanced edition while using a computer with just the Base edition?


The SCRIPT panel is not enabled when using the Base edition of DIAdem, you will need to load the script file following these steps:
  1. Select an available panel, such as NAVIGATOR.
  2. Click on the DIAdem Scripts (Start with <Shift-Function Key>) option within the group bar.
  3. Select Run Script from File.
  4. Browse to the script file and click Load to execute the script.


Additional Information

For convenience, you can assign scripts to different buttons if you need to run them frequently. To achieve this you can use following:
  1. Select an available panel, such as NAVIGATOR, and click on the DIAdem Scripts (Start with <Shift-Function Key>) option.
  2. Choose one of the buttons arranged from F1 to F12 and right-click it.
  3. Select Predefine Setting.
  4. Input the path or use the "..." button to browse to the location of the script and click OK.
You will now be able to click on the corresponding button in the DIAdem Scripts (Start with <Shift-Function Key>) function group to start the selected script. You can also press <Shift-Function Key> on your keyboard to start the script assigned to the corresponding function key button.

If the script loaded makes a reference to the SCRIPT panel in a command, you can get an error indicating that the function is not available in the current edition. For example, the command Call WndShow("SCRIPT","MAXIMIZE") will cause an error if using the Base edition.

The DIAdem Base edition can run scripts, however, it does not allow you to create or edit a script. You will need to upgrade to the Advanced or Professional edition if you wish to create and edit script files. Refer to Select Your DIAdem Edition for differences between DIAdem editions.