Getting VBCrypt DataPlugin Created from the DIAdem DataPlugin Wizard

Updated Apr 3, 2024

Reported In


  • DIAdem

Issue Details

I used to create DataPlugins on DIAdem 2012 and usually, I was able to edit them easier by opening them in a VBS editor. I recently upgraded to a newer version of DIAdem and noticed that it is creating a VBCrypt file instead. 
Is this normal? Can I change the output of the wizard generated DataPlugin?


Starting with DIAdem 2012 we changed the Text DataPlugin Wizard so that it creates encrypted DataPlugins. The DataPlugins that the Text DataPlugin Wizard creates were always quite complicated, because the resulting VBScript is a huge state machine that can handle all sorts of parsing details, and all the Wizard does is set some of those parameters. Based on some feedback that we got multiple customers were being unsuccessful with their attempts to make a small change to the VBScript created by the Text DataPlugin Wizard. So we implemented this change to auto-encrypt the DataPlugins to save more customer time and avoid potential frustration.