Where Can I Find the Rack Mount Kit Part Number for My PXI Chassis?

Updated Jan 17, 2019

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  • PXI Rack Mount
  • PXIe-1078
  • PXIe-1078 Rack Mount
  • PXIe-1075

Issue Details

I need to know the part number for the Mount Kit for both PXI-1075 and PXI-1078. Where do I find it?


You can find them in the accessories if you were about to buy the chassis. For example:
  1. Go to the chassis product page. i.e. PXIe-1078
  2. Click "View Product Detail" i.e PXIe-1078 Product Details
  3. Click "View Accessories" and go to section OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES>>Chassis Mounting Accessories