Does The PXI-4130 Support Hardware Timing?

Updated Jun 5, 2018

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  • PXI-4130

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I would like to perform hardware timed sequence with the PXI-4130. Does the PXI-4130 support hardware timing?


No, the PXI-4130 does not support hardware timing. Any sequences or sweeps using the PXI-4130 have to be performed in software and have to be timed by software.

Additional Information

The PXI-4130 can acquire a fresh voltage and current measurement 333 µs. It can also issue an update every 333 µs. Therefore, the fastest source-measure loop rate that can be reached is 3 kHz. This is possible to reach as long as you have a reasonably fast machine with minimal workload.

Hardware-timed sequences allow you to change various parameters of the SMU such as output mode, aperture time, current range, transient response, at each step.


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