How to Set an Image as a Front Panel Background

Updated Jun 12, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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How do I set an image as the background for my front panel?


LabVIEW 8.2 and Later:
  • Right-click the scrollbar of the front panel panel and select Properties from the shortcut menu to display the Pane Properties dialog box.
  • Select an image from the Background field. You can click the Browse button to locate an image and add it to the Background list temporarily.
  • Click the OK button to close the dialog box and apply the image.
LabVIEW 8.0 and Earlier:

There are two ways to set an image as the background of a front panel:

  • Drop an image on the front panel to import the image into LabVIEW as an object. Select the image, click the Reorder button, and select Move to Back from the pull-down menu. To make the image unselectable, select the image, click the Reorder button again, and select Lock from the pull-down menu. Finally, resize the front panel window to the size of the image.
  • Use a picture indicator to load background images while a VI runs. Place the appropriate Read Picture File VI (JPEG, PNG, or BMP) on the block diagram. Set the path to x file to the desired background image. Place the Draw Flattened Pixmap VI on the block diagram. Wire the image data output from the Read Picture File VI to the image data input of the Draw Flattened Pixmap VI. Right-click the new picture output of the Draw Flattened Pixmap VI and select Create»Indicator. In the front panel window, resize the picture indicator to fill the panel. Follow the instructions in method 1 to move the indicator to the back and lock it. Run the VI to populate the picture indicator with the background image.


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