Replacement Software for SignalExpress

Updated Nov 16, 2020

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  • DAQExpress
  • SignalExpress
  • FlexLogger

Issue Details

I am using an older version of SignalExpress but am looking for new software that I can download for data acquisition tasks. What software does National Instruments currently provide for this functionality? 


There are no plans to release newer versions of SignalExpress. If your application requires newer software, you should consider moving towards DAQExpress or FlexLogger. If you require functions supported in SignalExpress that are not yet supported in other platforms, it is recommended to continue using SignalExpress.

SignalExpress is now in Extended Support Life Cycle. For more information about Software Life Cycles, visit Software Product Life Cycle Policies.

Additional Information

DAQExpress software provides instant connectivity to certain DAQ hardware listed in the document: What Hardware Can I Use With DAQExpress?

If you’re using SignalExpress today, there are several advantages to switching to DAQExpress, such as updated measurement panels and the ability to build automated or custom measurements. However, not all SignalExpress functions are supported in DAQExpress, like the ability to connect to third-party instruments through serial communication.
If you choose to move to DAQExpress, you can start configuring your measurement by using the getting started materials referenced in the DAQExpress FAQ page.

Note: You cannot open SignalExpress projects in DAQExpress.