Replacement Software for SignalExpress

Updated May 1, 2024

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  • DAQExpress
  • SignalExpress
  • FlexLogger

Issue Details

I am using an older version of SignalExpress but am looking for new software that I can download for data acquisition tasks. What software does NI currently provide for this functionality? 


NI will no longer release new versions of SignalExpress. The last release for SignalExpress was 2015. 

Users are encouraged to transition to the FlexLogger™ Lite edition, companion software for compatible DAQ hardware. FlexLogger Lite ensures comprehensive sensor compatibility, instant offline setup, and a programming-free interface for streamlined data logging.  Refer to Flexlogger Supported Hardware to check if your hardware will be supported by Flexlogger. 

Download FlexLogger Lite to simplify data acquisition processes.

SignalExpress is now in Extended Support Life Cycle. For more information about Software Life Cycles, visit Software Product Life Cycle Policies.