Use Different Lines for DAQmx Calibration

Updated Jun 28, 2018

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  • NI-DAQmx

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I have a DAQmx calibration procedure that requires a specific channel or line. I won't have physical access to that line during the calibration procedure, so I would like to use a different line. Is this possible?


You should check your device routes for your device to see if there are any direct or indirect connections to another available channel. For example, in the device route table below, PFI 8 and PFI 0 may be connected through an indirect route in the subsystem.

If there is a device route available, you can try using DAQmx Connect Terminals to connect the two channels together. That way, you can use the other available channel for your calibration.

Note: Make sure to use DAQmx Disconnect Terminals when you are finished with the connection. Otherwise, these lines will stay connected until the device is reset or power cycled.

Additional Information

DAQmx Connect Terminals and DAQmx Disconnect Terminals are not task-based functions, so information regarding established connections is not stored in a task handle. You must keep track of any connections made within your code in order to connect and disconnect your terminals properly.

If you suspect that some lines may be connected, or if you are not sure whether lines are connected, you can simply reset the device from NI MAX to disconnect any connections made in software.


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