Is Possible to Have More than One Driver Version Coexisting in my PC or Real-Time Target?

Updated Jun 28, 2018

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  • LabVIEW Real-Time Module
  • NI Device Drivers

Issue Details

I know it is impossible to develop code for a previous version of a driver, but when I make a custom software installation on a Real-Time Target, it is possible to select the version of the driver to install.

Does this mean that several versions of the driver are actually coexisting in the host? Or what are the elements that prevail in the host and make possible to install a previous version?


Only one version of the driver can be installed at a time on PCs or Real-Time devices. What you are seeing is similar to saying that multiple installers exist side-by-side on the host for deployment to Real-Time systems. This decides the driver version on the Real-Time target, but has no impact on the Windows driver version.

Additional Information

Generally, there are two parts to any driver that has support for Real-Time targets and Windows: The Windows side driver and binaries, and the Real-Time driver and binaries.
When you install software to a Real-Time target you are installing the driver and binaries for the Real-Time OS. This is completely separate from the driver version installed on Windows. Rather than saying that multiple versions of the driver are coexisting, it's more accurate to say that multiple versions of the driver for Real-Time targets are available to install to those devices. 


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