Why Are There Redundant Pins on My NI Switch Card

Updated May 30, 2018

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  • PXIe-2738

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I am looking through the specifications for a NI Matrix, Multiplexer, or Relay module and I find that more than one pin connects to any given row or column (as pictured below). Why is this and what considerations need to be made around this?


In the event that the specification sheet for a switch card's pinout indicates that two pins on the front panel both connect to the same row or column of a switch card, this indicates that the two lines are shorted internally. In the picture above, pins E32 and E24 both connect to R0+ (and therefore eachother). The reason for this is because other switch cards in the same family may have alternative internal configurations to support different topologies. 

Additional Information

If you have a NI Switch card and are unsure as to whether or not two pins are intentionally connected together, you can confirm this by disconnecting the row or column in question (in software) and performing a continuity test between the two pins using a multimeter.


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