Maximum File Size for Linux Real-Time WebDAV Transfers

Updated Sep 25, 2018

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Operating System

  • NI Linux Real-Time

Issue Details

  • What is the file size transfer limit of the WebDAV Server on Linux Real-Time? Is there a way to increase the limit?
  • I am trying to transfer files from my NI hardware running Linux Real-Time, but I seem to only be able to transfer files smaller than 2 GB.  How do I transfer larger files from my Linux Real-Time target to my PC?


The maximum file size that can be transferred using the NI Linux Real-Time WebDAV server is 2 GB and it is not possible to increase it.

If you need to transfer the files and are not able to split or make the file smaller, you should look at using other transfer protocols such as SFTP/FTP.

Additional Information

National Instruments recommends not logging data into large files.  Having smaller data files increases reliability, enhances transfer times, and improves organization. Some other techniques you can try include: