Using an Unsupported Instrument in NI Calibration Executive

Updated Feb 19, 2019

Issue Details

I am using NI Calibration Executive and would like to use an unsupported instrument / device to calibrate my hardware (e.g. I would like to use a 3rd party oscilloscope to calibrate the "transient response" specification of my PXI-4154). Is it possible for me to do this?


In some cases, using unsupported instruments to calibrate NI hardware is possible, but it depends on the device and specification being calibrated. Using the "Enter Unsupported Instrument" selection in Calibration Executive prompts the use of an instrument in Manual Mode . Check your device's Calibration Procedure to determine if the particular measurement you are performing is supported in manual mode.

In the above example of calibrating the Transient Response specification of a PXIe-4154, we can see at the top of the PXIe-4154 Calibration Procedure  that a transient response measurement requires a digital oscilloscope and that manual mode is not supported for digital oscilloscope tests on this device. 


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