No VISA Resources Found Error Under My System in MAX

Updated Sep 7, 2020

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Issue Details

In Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX), I am getting an error that states No VISA resources found under My System. When I try to access my VISA devices, I am unable to access them and I get the same error No VISA resources found. However, they show up under My System in MAX. What can I do to resolve this issue? 

Figure 1. No VISA resources found Error.


There a couple of causes to this issue:
  • If you are using Keysight devices follow the indications provided in Use Keysight (HP Agilent) GPIB Devices with NI Software to control them using NI-VISA and NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (NI MAX).
  • This issue could be caused by a corrupted NI-VISA installation. You will need to uninstall NI-VISA and reinstall. If possible, install the latest version of NI-VISA.  If this procedure do not solve the problem please contact NI Support.