Can I Connect a USB Hub to a myRIO?

Updated May 28, 2018

Reported In


  • Stratom X-HUB Adapter for myRIO
  • myRIO-1900
  • myRIO-1950


  • LabVIEW myRIO Software Bundle
  • NI myRIO Project Essentials Guide

Issue Details

I want to leave an application running stand-alone on myRIO. I am acquiring and logging data so I'm worried about space available.
At the same time, I will need to connect a device to the USB, therefore, I won't have space for a USB flash memory device.

Is it possible to use a USB hub to increment the ports available?


It's possible to connect a USB hub to a myRIO. These devices run Linux RT so most of hubs that you could connect to a Linux machine, will work on myRIO.

National Instruments recommends to use the Stratom X-HUB due to the simplicity for connecting it.

Additional Information

You can use a third party USB hub but take into account that the bandwidth of the USB 2.0 has limitations and, depending on how many ports you add as well as what devices you connect to them, can compromise the transfer of data.

It's also important to mention that the USB protocol is not deterministic. If you want to run a deterministic application, make sure you have the interaction with USB devices in a non-deterministic loop.


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