Control Values Not Updated When Changing LabVIEW Type Def Value

Updated Sep 14, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I modified the value inside a Type Def file (*.ctl) but I can not see the updated value in the other controls/indicator.


The described behavior is actually expected.  The basic Type Definition  functionality can best be described by quoting the Type Definition description that can be found in the LabVIEW Help documentation: 

"Because Type Definitions identify only the data type, only the values that are part of the data type update...."

The value of a control inside a Type Definition is not part of the data type. If you want to store some values use a Global Variable.

Additional Information

This is the same behaviour that you have for default values. This is because you may require different values to be in the same type of control throughout the program. If you do need to update the default values for multiple controls, it's best to go ahead and do this manually or programatically through initialization.