Access DAQ Data from OSIsoft PI Server

Updated May 29, 2018

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  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)


  • NI-DAQmx


OSIsoft PI Server

Issue Details

How can I store data from my NI data acquisition device in my OSIsoft PI Server. 


One way to do this is to use DAQmx Global Virtual Channels and the NI Shared Variable Engine to communicate with the OSIsoft PI Server using OPC. The NI Shared Variable Engine has a the ability to publish shared variables as OPC tags that can be read from any OPC DA client, such as OSIsoft PI. 

In order to publish data from the DAQmx device as shared variables, you must create a DAQmx Global Virtual Channel for each physical channel on the DAQ device that you are measuring. Once the Global Virtual Channel is created, the data will automatically get published to the Shared Variable Engine and be available as OPC tags.

Refer to Using the LabVIEW Network-Published Shared Variable and OPC With NI-DAQmx for detailed instructions on how to create Global Virtual Channels and publish data in the NI Shared Variable Engine.

Additional Information

While this solution specifically addresses using OSIsoft PI Servers, the same method could be used to access DAQmx data using any OPC DA client software.

For more information on using OSIsoft PI Server software to read OPC data, contact OSIsoft PI support directly.


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