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Correlated DIO with USB M Series DAQ Device

Updated May 25, 2018

Reported In


  • USB-6216

Issue Details

Can I perform correlated DIO with a USB M Series DAQ device?


The externally powered USB M Series devices use the STC 2 ASIC that provides for correlated digital I/O. Correlated digital I/O refers to the ability to provide a sample clock to digital input or output tasks. This clock can come from a number of possible sources; you may refer to the device routes tab in Measurement & Automation Explorer for a full list. Externally powered M Series USB DAQ devices are numbered 622x, 625x, and 628x.

Bus-powered USB M Series devices (621x) do not support correlated Digital I/O. These devices do not use the same STC 2 chip as other M Series devices. Much of the functionality of the STC 2 is implemented on these devices through an on-board FPGA, but correlated Digital I/O is not included in this feature list.

Additional Information

For more information about the included features on M Series and bus-powered M Series DAQ devices please refer to the manuals linked below. Note that the bus-powered devices have a separate hardware manual from the other M Series devices.


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