Yellow Bang Next to VIs in LabVIEW Project

Updated Oct 29, 2018

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

  • I downloaded a .zip with a LabVIEW project (.lvproj) in it and when I open the .lvproj, all of the VIs have little yellow exclamation points/bangs next to them and I cannot run them.
  • I moved the project folder on my computer and there are exclamation points one side of the VI and I can't open them

How can I fix this?


This is expected behavior. If you unzip the folder with the LabVIEW project inside, the yellow bangs will be removed and the VIs should be able to run normally. Make sure you have all of the dependencies for the project. 

This might also happen if the project is corrupted or the VIs are missing for their correct path. Make sure to check that the VIs are in the expected path. You can check this by changing the project view to Files and make sure that the VIs appear.

Additional Information

A project file organizes your folders, VIs, Libraries and dependencies using a hierarchy of references.  Internally, these references work by using names relative to your function names and each one of these references are stored in a lvproj file.

Zip files change the internal structure of a directory by using  lossless compression.  Thanks to this process the reference system used by LabVIEW is affected negatively, meaning LabVIEW will not be able to reference the other subVIs and resources included in your project file.


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