How do I Calibrate my NI Hardware?

Updated Jul 31, 2018

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My hardware is no longer accurate and needs to be re-calibrated. How do I calibrate my National Instruments (NI) hardware and will this improve the accuracy?


It is not recommended that hardware users self-calibrate or modify their hardware. Those processes require specialist tools and knowledge. If hardware is damaged or breaks, the user will not be covered under warranty.

There are several ways to have hardware calibrated. The Calibration Services page has links to all information about calibration, including why devices should be calibrated, service programs for calibration and how often devices should be calibrated.

The service can take place at approved Alliance Partner Companies or in NI repair/calibration centers. Find your closest NI Service Center here. The lead time for calibration varies depending on where the device is being sent and the hardware being calibrated. For specific lead times please contact the company who will re-calibrate your hardware. To decrease lead times, please visit our Three Ways to Calibrate Your NI Hardware Faster page for more information.

Different calibration levels are available. The Calibration Service Levels and Product Information page has a overview of the different levels available.


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