How Should I Shutdown NI Linux Real-Time Devices?

Updated May 30, 2018

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Why and how should I shutdown NI Linux Real-Time devices?


Because of the flash-based hardware on NI Linux Real-Time devices, it is highly recommended to shutdown the device before loss of battery power.  This means shutting down the device via software and avoiding ungraceful power removal like suddenly unplugging the power source to the device.

To shutdown the device programmatically, you can use the Call Library Function node to call into a standard installed library on your Linux Real-Time device: glibc.  You can refer to Under the Hood of NI Linux Real-Time for more information on how to access the Linux Real-Time command line via LabVIEW. 

The version of this library may change in different LabVIEW releases so be sure to point to the that is on your device.  An example VI of how to structure your shutdown VI is attached and will look like:

The command 4321FEDC is to shutdown the device.


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