Configuring a Disabled Test Socket in Batch Model

Updated Jun 15, 2018

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

I am using the Batch Model in a TestStand Sequence. If the operate disabled a test socket, I would like to run a VI to configure or turn off the DUT associated with that test socket. Is there a way to run code only if the "Disable Test Socket"? How do I access the boolean that "Disable Test Socket" affects?


Running code on a disabled test socket can be done inside the PreBatch sequence file. The parameter this boolean saves to is Parameters.ModelData.TestSockets[#]. Disabled where # is the socket number, 0 to 3 by default. Creating a step in the PreBatch with the precondition "Parameters.ModelData.TestSockets[#].Disabled == True" allows you to perform code only if the test socket has been disabled.

Additional Information

Do be aware the sequence files "PreUUT" and "PostUUT" will only occur if this boolean is set to false, so if you want to configure a disabled socket, you cannot do so in either of these sequences. 


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