Different Input Delay Equations In C Series Module Specification Sheets

Updated May 30, 2018

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  • NI-9234
  • NI-9239

Issue Details

I'm looking at the equations for input delay on two C Series spec sheets and the numbers in the equation are the same, however the equations look different. One has a plus sign and the other does not. Is this the same equation?

Fig 1: NI 9239 vs. NI 9234 input delay equation as example


Yes. Older spec sheet standards had some numbers listed as mixed number format, meaning that if there is number A with fraction B/C next to it, it should be read as A and B/C where A is the integer number and B/C is the fractional representation of the decimal value. This number is often shown as a fraction as opposed to a decimal so that no significant digits are lost. Newer versions of our documentation will have (A + B/C) to represent this, but they do represent the same value.


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