Does my PCI or PXI Serial Device Have Onboard Memory?

Updated May 18, 2018

Reported In


  • PCI-8430/2
  • PCI-8431/4
  • PCI-8431/2
  • PCI-8430/4
  • PCI-8432/2
  • PCI-8432/4
  • PCI-8433/2
  • PCI-8433/4
  • PXI-8430/2
  • PXI-8430/4
  • PXI-8431/2
  • PXI-8431/4
  • PXI-8432/2
  • PXI-8432/4
  • PXI-8433/2
  • PXI-8433/4

Issue Details

  • I will be transferring PCI Serial devices between computers periodically. I need to know whether the is onboard memory on the PCI Serial card so that I can wipe it before I transfer the card. 
  • I have a PXI Serial device that I will be moving to a new system. Is there a sanitization procedure for clearing the memory on this device?


PCI and PXI serial cards (843x models) do not have volatile memory. There is no sanitization procedure for these cards. 

Additional Information

For more information, please reference the Letter of Volatility for these cards.


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