Change Parameter Value in Multiple TestStand Action Steps

Updated Jul 27, 2018

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  • TestStand

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I have several action steps in TestStand that call Vis in LabVIEW. These VIs have an input that is the same in all of the VIs (same type, same label). I want to change the value of this input in all of the action steps at the same time, without having to go through all of them individually. However, when I select the steps to do this I get the following message:

<Additional Incompatible Values Exist>

I have checked and the input parameter is exactly the same in all of the VIs so I do not see why I cannot change it.


When calling LabVIEW VIs as action steps, TestStand checks for three things when bringing inputs and outputs as parameters:

  • The label: this will determine the Parameter Name in TestStand.
  • The type: this will determine the parameter Type in TestStand.
  • The position in the connector pane: This will determine in which order TestStand will bring the inputs and outputs from the VI.

So even when the Parameter Name and the Parameter Type are the same, make sure they are loaded in the same order by connecting it correctly in the connector pane.

In all the VIs that have this parameter, make sure these three settings are the same, otherwise you will not be able to changeĀ  all of the parameters at the same time and will have to go one by one.


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