Veristand Timing Source Did Not Start in Time

Updated Aug 17, 2018

Reported In


  • VeriStand

Issue Details

When I try to deploy my project, I get an error message saying that the Primary Control Loop timing source did not start in time.


There are multiple things that could cause this issue. The first step must always be to check the Primary Control Loop timing source setting in the Controller category of the System Explorer. If you do not know what to set this setting to, your best bet is to leave it to Automatic Timing.

If this setting was already set to Automatic, check if any hardware devices appear in blue in the System Explorer. This means this device was selected as the timing source. To force VeriStand to detect the best timing source again, disable the device by right-clicking on the device, then choose Disable. You can then re-enable it the same way you disabled it.

Additional Information

This behaviour can happen if you change the Primary Control Loop rate after having setup all the hardware devices, and if the automatically selected timing source is unable to create a frequency matching the new specified rate.


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