Longer Cable for SHC68-C68-D3 with PXI-5421 or FlexRIO 6585

Updated Oct 31, 2018

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  • SHC68-C68-D3
  • PXI-5421
  • NI-6585

Issue Details

The 1M SHC68-C68-D3 cable is shorter than I would like, are longer versions available?


Whether you're using the NI 6585 LVDS Adapter Module for NI FlexRIO or the NI 5421 arbitrary waveform generator DDC connector, the 1 meter option is the only one currently offered, in part due to maintaining signal integrity at the maximum data rate of the instrument.

Additional Information

Longer cables can be created, but achievable rate rates may suffer.

For the NI-6585B you can get a good idea of expected performance by looking at the Data Rates vs. Cable Length graph for the TI SN65LVDM180 (the LVDS Driver component used in the NI-6585B FAM)


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