Error 0xBFFF0011 When Running a Built Executable Using a PROFIBUS Device

Updated Feb 14, 2023

Reported In




  • LabVIEW



Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

  • I am getting the error code 0xBFFF0011 when I try to run my executable that uses a PCI PROFIBUS Device.
  • The same program is running correctly in LabVIEW on the same computer but not the executable file.
  • Why is the program able to find the VISA resource in LabVIEW when the executable cannot on the same computer?


This error indicates that there is insufficient location information of the device or the resource is not present in the system.
Please try the following steps :
  • Check the connection of the device and verify that it is correctly connected.
  • Verify that the NI-VISA Runtime is installed on your computer. If not, install it or consider creating an installer for your application.
  • Copy the DLL/LLB of the device driver into the same folder as your project.

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